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Accessible Websites

Stewartry Technology Limited is committed to helping businesses ensure their websites are accessible to all.

Businesses and organisations that offer goods and services through their websites now have a legal duty through the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) to make their sites accessible to disabled people. Yet a comprehensive investigation into the accessibility of websites by the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) revealed that less than 20% of sites meet the requirements.

That means that many of Britain’s almost 10 million disabled people are prevented from accessing on-line shopping sites, are not able to book holidays, hotels, flights or theatre tickets. Disabled people have a spending power in excess of £40 billion and they could be YOUR customers.

Research by the DRC found that less than 10% of web developers claimed expertise in designing accessible websites. Stewartry Technology Limited has extensive experience in this field with an understanding of accessibility requirements. We can help to ensure you are not excluding people from your sites by incorporating W3C/WA1 guidelines.