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Growing numbers of businesses are finding that a corporate Intranet is one of the most efficient means of communicating and sharing information with their employees.

Not only is it a cost effective way of ensuring that everyone ‘gets the message’ employees have reported that the Intranet system of communicating reduces feelings of being overwhelmed by information arriving in traditional formats. Your intranet can inform employees of recent news from managers or team leaders, provide signposting to departments, events calendars, message boards, document archives and a search facility to locate information anywhere on the Intranet.

Stewartry Technology Limited has extensive experience in corporate Intranets. We can help you analyse the needs of your organisation, design easy to use jargon-free navigation and reliable systems that can be further developed, as your company’s needs change. We can also provide training and support for your staff.

An effective intranet could radically change the way you work for the better...